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How does this site work?

(1) Register
(2) Create a listing for the vehicle you own
(3) Add the vehicle that you desire to your Wishlist page
(4) Search for the desired vehicle you have just added to your Wishlist. If a "Perfect Swap" is available, it will be displayed as such in your search results. If not, the search results will display the vehicles you searched for, but they will not qualify as a "Perfect Swap". You can search through these listings, and email the owner to see if he/she might be interested in swapping for your vehicle. Having your desired vehicle displayed on your Wishlist will enable you to be notified when a "Perfect Swap" is available in the future. When a Perfect Swap is found, simply work out the details of your transaction with the other owner. There will possibly be a difference in value that needs to be addressed. Maybe a loan payoff as well. Work out your financial details, and use a reputable service such as to exchange funds. If you have no vehicle to swap, keep in mind that many owners will gladly entertain an offer to purchase outright.
How much does this cost?
Free - Take a test drive on us! You can register and create a listing that will run for 5 days, completely free of charge. One photo, and 100 character limit of text in your description. For $7.99, Your listing runs until your vehicle sells.It includes Unlimited description text, and 8 HD photos! For $9.99, Your listing runs until your vehicle sells. Unlimited description text, 15 HD photos, plus video uplink!
What is a "whip?
Whip - Noun. Car. Origin: Street/hip-hop slang from New York City.
Where did the term "whip" originate?
On the first automobiles, the steering wheel was referred to as the "whip", as it had previously been used to control horses on stagecoaches and buggies. More recently, the Mercedes-Benz logo was noted to resemble a steering wheel, so the term was expanded to describe high end automobiles.
Can I sell my vehicle on this site, or is this only for swapping?
Yes, you can make/accept an offer as a straight sale on any listed vehicle.
What if I'm dissatisfied with my swap?
This site was designed to make its users feel a sense of community. As such, we hope that honesty and fairness will be the guiding qualities adhered to by all. However, please do your due diligence when researching any vehicle that captures your interest. Have the vehicle inspected by an independent party to confirm its condition. Above all, use common sense. Krause Capital LLC dba assumes no responsibility for problems arising from the exchange or sale of vehicles initiated on our site. We are simply providing a forum for owners to meet and discuss potential transactions. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully.
Do I have to be a member to swap a vehicle?
Registration is required to swap vehicles on this site.
How do I contact an owner once I've found a vehicle I want to swap for?
An email link to the owner is provided on each listing page.
Will you sell my personal information to other companies?
No. No personal information will ever be offered to others.
Can I list multipe vehicles/types of vehicles?
Sure. That's what this site is all about. Feel free to list any type of vehicle. If listing more than four (4) vehicles, please contact us first, at
Will I receive spam/junk mail if I register for this site?
No. The only email you will receive from our site, is from parties interested in your vehicle, or reminders from the staff that your listing is set to expire.
Is my information secure?
Yes. Our site is hosted on a secure server.
How do I contact someone if I have a problem?
You may click on the Contact Us link above, or send an email to
Why should I swap my vehicle instead of just sell it?
Swapping allows both parties to get true value for their vehicles.
How many pictures can I upload, and do they have to be a certain size/type?
Our free ad allows 1 photo. Our $7.99 ad features 8 HD photos, and our $9.99 ad features 15 HD photos and a video uplink.
Why use the Wishlist?
To enable our search engine to find a Perfect Swap, you must list your desired vehicle on the Wishlist. Even if your "Perfect Swap" is not available when you search, having your desired vehicle listed on the Wishlist will allow you to be notified of a future "Perfect Swap".

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